PlayStation 4 Released (my thoughts)

The long awaited PlayStation 4 released today and I am going to give my thoughts on it.

    What’s inside???

  1. Inside the PS4 box, there will be the 500 GB jet-black PS4 system and the DualShock 4 controller. Alongside with that there is an HDMI cable (“like i don’t have twenty of those lol”), power cord, headseat (“not the best headseat but it’ll do”), a usb cable and instruction manuals.
  2. Hardware

  3. The PS4s specs look really good. It features a whopping 8 GBs of ram, a built in hard drive, a blu-ray and dvd drive, usb 3.0 slot, ethernet, Bluetooth, and hdmi output. The specs of the PS4 are as a good as a mid to high end gaming pc. I’m pretty impressed with it, but specs mean nothing. When it comes to a console being good or bad, it all goes down to the experiences it delivers.
  4. Software

  5. The PlayStation 4’s dashboard looks pretty neat to me. Everything is organized and easy to find. It has an extensive amount of entertainment applications to download at launch. These include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video etc… A full list of all the apps can be found here.
  6. DualShock 4

  7. The DualShock 4 controller has many improvements from the DualShock 3 controller. The circle pads have better grip, the triggers are greatly improved, and there are new buttons such as option and share. The cons are though the d pad has not been improved at all.This makes it hard to play 2d platformers.
  8. Games

  9. After looking at the list of PlayStation 4 games that are going to come out, all I can say is that there is going to be something for evreyone. But if there is one genre that the PS4 ecceds in is shooters. You can see a full list of PS4 games here.

3 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Released (my thoughts)

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