Facebook Home Review

Facebook Home is an Android launcher and lock screen replacement that turns your phone into a Facebook hub. I’ll start this review with the lock screen.

Image from Mashable

Lock Screen

In general, I think the lock screen of Facebook home is quite nice, but could use some improvements. The way the lock screen works is that you start out by seeing the time, date, and weather. From there, swiping down would either unlock the phone or prompt the unlock password if one is set. Swiping to the left would bring the camera. Swiping to the right would load your news feed for Facebook, letting you like and comment on posts. The feature is nice, I like it a lot. What I don’t like about it though is that is someone gets a hold of your phone, they will be able to like and comment on your friends posts. So, while the lock screen is cool, you need to be extra careful that no one steals your phone.


As for the launcher, it was OK nothing great in my opinion. They added a lot of Facebook features like instant status update buttons, but got rid of the widgets. The home screen is just a list of apps, which I am not a huge fan of. Other than that there is nothing else


It was nice to see Facebook make a lock screen replacement and launcher for Android, but with privacy concerns of the lock screen and the lack of customization of the launcher, I think I will be sticking with my default launcher and lock screen instead.


Check out Facebook Home for yourself by clicking here.

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