Windows 10 Review

Windows 10

Windows 10

The new Windows, Windows 10 (not 9), is a completely revised version of Windows, unlike Windows 8.1

Microsoft released the Technical Preview of Windows 10 yeaterday on their website. The download sizes are mighty big, the 32 bit version being around 3 GB and the 64 bit version being around 4 GB. The download took me about half-an-hour.

The installation was, well, a bit slow and glitchy. It actually failed on me 2 times before I finally got it to work. One peice of advice during the install is to burn the .iso file of Windows 10 on a DVD-R(W) and then run the CD from the BIOS instead from Windows

After going through the quick initial setup, I was presented with the desktop. The biggest change here is the Start Menu is just like it was in Windows 7. There is one exception though. The start menu has the Windows 8 apps on the side of it, but it no longer takes up the whole screen. Instead they are all on the desktop, which is nice. You can now add multiple desktops if your Windows are getting messy. Last but not least, you can snap 4 things at once now. Some things that are bad though is that the mouse pointer have a difficult time responding. I had to click on things 3 times befire it actually responded.

That was my expieirence with the new Windows, download it otday and let me know what you think in the comments below!